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Best Game Streaming Alternatives To Twitch

11 Best Twitch Alternatives for Game Streamers

Twitch may be the leading game streaming platform, accounting for the most live gaming hours watched in the second quarter of 2021 (Statista). However, gaming rookies will have a hard time finding viewers on a giant like Twitch.

Besides, Twitch is only one platform. If you want to grow as a gamer and gaming streamer, it’s best to stream to multiple platforms and acquire a wider audience. So, what other options do you have?

The following recommendations are Twitch alternatives that help both novice and advanced players connect with the right viewers for their content and grow their follower base.

1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube gaming

YouTube Gaming may be the biggest competitor to Twitch. Owned by Google, this popular Twitch alternative offers search optimization options that allow streamers to better customize their content and reach their target audience.

Most people are already familiar with YouTube’s interface, so navigating YouTube Gaming is pretty straightforward. The platform has a friendly UI, high-quality videos, and excellent mobile streaming quality.

Pro players love YouTube Gaming for its 4K streaming function. All gamers appreciate the platform’s massive game live streams library. Also, viewers can easily find games they want to watch but may have difficulty recognizing a live stream from a recorded video.

2. Glimpse

Glimpse game streaming platform.

Glimpse is an up-and-coming content-sharing platform that facilitates quick and easy connections between game streamers and fans. Registration is free for all, while content may be free or paid, depending on the content creator’s choice.

The platform charges end-users for purchasing tokens while streamers are not charged a commission. In other words, content creators get 100% of their earnings. Plus, the money you make is available on your account within 24 hours.

You can stream games from any software, on any operating system. Instant messaging and timed videos are also supported and streamers can monetize access to game servers. 

The platform is new and focused on attracting eSports creators with its no-hassle usability features, a sleek interface, and smooth monetization options.

3. Facebook Gaming

Facebook gaming platform

Facebook Gaming pushes new content to Facebook’s huge userbase (almost 3 billion users), making it an attractive platform for new game streamers who need exposure.

Viewers can like, share, or comment on the live stream. The more reactions a piece of content gets, the more Facebook distributes it further. As your page’s popularity grows, you get more monetization options, a possibility of a partnership with Facebook, and perks that come with it.

Most gamers and viewers use the platform on their mobile phones, so Facebook has made sure their mobile streaming functionality runs well.

4. Caffeine

Caffeine game streaming

Caffeine offers free account registration on mobile and desktop, though you can only stream from your desktop device. The mobile app allows you to view and chat with other users.

Caffeine is compatible with over 900 popular and indie games. The platform’s advantage over other streaming services is its own built-in streaming software. However, game streamers may be turned off by Caffeine’s limited monetization options. Also, it doesn’t archive videos, but only allows viewers to watch live streams.

This game streaming platform is worth checking out and getting your feet wet if you’re new to game streaming.

5. Steam Broadcasting

Stream Broadcasting service

Steam is primarily a platform for playing and buying PC games. It boasts a huge PC gamer community, has a clean user interface, and its store contains over 30,000 popular and indie PC titles.

The platform’s Steam Broadcasting service is in beta and currently offers a private broadcasting experience to game streamers. You can allow only friends to watch your gameplay or select the option to let anyone view your stream.

A Steam account is free, but you can only stream a game if you’ve previously bought something on the platform.

Unfortunately, you can’t save your streams, so your viewers can only view your live game playing. Also, Steam Broadcasting doesn’t have any apparent monetization option for game streamers. Until a more refined version is ready, we’d recommend sticking to other platforms.

Check out our comprehensive post on the game streaming setup you need to get your gaming streams started.

6. Restream

Restream content distribution

Restream is less of a game-streaming platform and more of a video distribution service. However, if you want to maximize your reach, Restream is a good option. Its multiple platform streaming functionality allows streaming live gameplay to over 30 social networks simultaneously without compromising stream quality.

This platform offers a free plan with basic features. However, most additional features like video storage, no Restream branding, chat overlay, full HD, and streaming to Facebook pages come with paid packages.

If you’re already using other game streaming platforms, Restream is great at redistributing and exposing your content to a broader audience.

We do not recommend Restream for game streamers that are yet to make a name for themselves. Rookie game streamers should focus on one or two platforms and build an audience first.

7. Mirrativ Smartphone Streaming

Mirrativ streaming app

Mirrativ is a free game streaming app for Android and iOS smartphone users. It allows content creators to stream live on smartphones, without any PC equipment.

However, the app interface has its fair share of bugs: some of the UI options aren’t available in English, there is no way to save videos for later distribution and monetization, and users have reported connectivity issues. 

This platform offers a nice way to experiment with smartphone streaming, but the lack of a well-defined monetization system means it isn’t suitable for streamers wanting to go pro.

8. Owncast

Owncast for locally hosted game streaming

Here’s a live streaming option for gamers who don’t mind a technically complex installation process and maintaining their own server.

Owncast is the opposite of a no-hassle streaming experience. It’s an open-source content-sharing platform that comes with a range of perks for technically advanced users. It is ad-free and provides many customization options. Most importantly, Owncast gives content creators control unlike any other corporate-owned gaming platform.

Owncast doesn’t have nearly as many users as Twitch and its popular alternatives. Additionally, you will need a powerful PC to simultaneously play a game and stream live via a locally hosted streaming platform.

Just like Mirrativ, Owncast is good for experimenting, but you are unlikely to gain a cult following on a self-hosted streaming service.

9. Trovo

Trovo twitch alternative

Trovo has made a name as a viable Twitch competitor. It even resembles Twitch in design and usability features. There is still a big gap between the two platforms’ monthly viewership, but Trovo’s popularity is growing steadily.

The platform provides straightforward monetization options, allowing gamers with at least 50 followers and high-quality streams to earn decent money as content creators.

10. Gosu Gamers

Gosu gamers website

Gosu Gamers is a popular eSports content distribution platform with a very attractive UI and a huge userbase. The platform is big on covering live competitive sports events and organizing eSports tournaments.

Users can monetize their gaming skills by winning contests. If you’re really good, winning eSports tournaments on Gosu Gamers will get you exposure and help you start your streaming career.

11. Dailymotion Games

Dailymotion games

To catch up with the game live streaming trend, Dailymotion launched Dailymotion Games, a well-known video sharing and content streaming platform similar to YouTube but not as popular.

The platform’s 300+ million users make it an attractive arena for budding streamers, however, apart from in-stream ads, the platform doesn’t offer any monetization options. For this reason, Dailymotion Games is a less than optimal first choice for game streamers.


Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform because of its rich palette of streaming features. However, streaming only on one platform limits your exposure.

Combining Twitch with other streaming alternatives raises the chances of attracting more viewers and monetizing your skills.

Give our 11 picks a try and see for yourself which platforms offer the best value for your game streaming enterprise.

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