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Dream Most Famous Minecraft Streamer

Dream: The Most Famous Minecraft Streamer

Minecraft’s flourishing live streaming scene gave birth to some of the most popular streamers in gaming, but even among them, Dream stands out as a genuine celebrity.

Despite his status as a Minecraft legend, Dream is still something of an enigma. He’s been streaming under different nicknames for years but he’s yet to show his face on stream. Adding to the mystery is Dream’s involvement in a number of online scandals, most notably concerning his controversial Minecraft speedrunning records.

Here is a quick rundown of one of Minecraft’s most famous streamers.

Who Is Dream?

Who is Dream

Dream is a Minecraft streamer and content creator best known for his YouTube series “Minecraft Manhunt” and his Minecraft speedruns. He is part of the streaming collective “Dream Team” together with fellow content creators GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap. Dream is also the founder of the Dream SMP Minecraft survival multiplayer, where he plays with his teammates and other famous streamers from the Minecraft online community.

As of June 6, 2021, Dream’s seven YouTube channels collectively reached over 36 million subscribers and over 2.59 billion views. His main channel was one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube, gaining over 10 million subscribers in little over a year. Recently the channel reached the 27 million subscriber benchmark, making Dream the most famous Minecraft streamer in the world.

Dream is best known for his Minecraft videos on YouTube. He typically plays Manhunt, a game variant where one person plays as the Runner, and everyone else tries to catch him as Hunters. Lately, he’s been working on a series of videos called “Unsolved Mysteries”, where he explores strange corners of the Minecraft universe.

How Old Is Dream?

Dream’s real name is Clay, he was born on August 12, 1999, in the US. He has two siblings, a younger brother, and an older sister. Clay used to play football, soccer, and basketball in high school, from which he graduated in 2018. He didn’t attend college, choosing instead to learn software development on his own. Clay currently lives in Orlando, Florida.

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Dream Face Reveal

Dream face reveal

Dream kept promising that he’ll reveal his face ever since he became an e-celebrity. However, he has yet to fulfill the promise. There were several occasions where he allegedly came close to showing his face. One was the “My Face Reveal” video from 2019. Almost nothing is known about this video as it was deleted only a few days after it was released.

Afterward, teasing the reveal became something of a hobby for Dream, going so far as using random pictures from the web claiming it was him. All of this makes us think that Dream will be wearing his trademark mask for a while longer.

Dream Speedrun Cheating Scandal

On December 11, 2020, the moderators from accused Dream of cheating in a Minecraft speedrun. They backed their accusation with a statistical analysis paper, arguing that Dream was a bit too lucky in one of his speedrunning attempts. The paper claimed that the odds of Dream getting several lucky item drops in a row was 1 in 7.5 trillion, which is extremely unlikely. Although Dream tried to respond with a paper of his own, allegedly written by an astrophysicist, further analysis showed that the authors of the original paper were correct in their findings.

Dream later admitted that he was running a modded version of Minecraft’s client, but argued that he wasn’t aware of any modifications to item drop rates. Nevertheless, the mods from judged that Dream obtained an unfair advantage and took down the controversial speedrun.

In an attempt to lower tensions and avoid any further controversy that erupted on social media as a result of the whole affair, Dream took down the rest of his runs from and vowed to never submit runs in the future.

Does Dream Have His Own Merch?

Dream sells his own merch at Products include coins, glasses, mugs, footwear, gift cards, headgear, hoodies, milestones, pets, t-shirts, and other assorted knickknacks. Most products feature Dream’s smiley face logo.


Dream currently stands at the pinnacle of Minecraft streaming. Despite the mystery of his true appearance and the controversies surrounding his speedrunning career, he is beloved by fans from all corners of the web. If you aspire to become a Minecraft streamer yourself, you would do well to learn from Dream’s example.

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