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How To Install Xsplit And Stream Online

How to Install XSplit and Stream Online

XSplit Broadcaster is a popular streaming tool for game streamers and other content creators. It is available on Windows 10 and comes with features for using media sources, composing scenes, and broadcasting to a variety of streaming platforms.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of installing XSplit Broadcaster.

Free XSplit Vs. Paid XSplit

XSplit has a simple and straightforward pricing model. You can download the Free version if you want to start streaming straight away, or you can purchase the Premium version (starting at $15 for a 1-month subscription) to unlock additional features.

The table below provides a summary of what each version offers:

FeaturesBroadcaster FreeBroadcaster Premium
Number of scenes4Unlimited
Content: Games, Text, Multimedia, HTML, IP Camera etc.YesYes
Thumbnail Scene PreviewYesYes
Chroma KeyYesYes
Scene TransitionsYesYes
Source and Extension PluginsYesYes
Split ModeYesYes
Virtual CameraWith watermarkYes
Skype Video CameraNoYes
Audio Source, Local Streaming, Stream DelayNoYes
Simultaneous broadcasting to multiple stream servicesNoYes
Source TransitionsNoYes
Preview EditorNoYes
Audio Mix PreviewNoYes
ResolutionWatermark if above 720pUnlimited
Audio CodecAAC 96 kbps. monoUp to AAC 192 kbps. stereo
Maximum FPS240 fps; watermark if above 30 fps240 fps
24/7 SupportBasicFull
Available for commercial useNoYes

If you’re a beginner, we recommend you try the Free version first and upgrade only if you need one of the extra features the Premium version offers.

A popular alternative is OBS. Read our article on streaming with the most popular streaming software on the market – How to Stream with OBS

Installing XSplit Broadcaster

The installation procedure for XSplit Broadcaster is fairly standard. You download the installer file, run it on your PC, and optionally create an XSplit account.

Step 1: Download XSplit Broadcaster

You can download the free version of Broadcaster straight from the official product homepage. Save the installer .exe file somewhere on your hard drive.

Step 2: Run the Installation Wizard

Run the installer and follow the installation wizard.

Optionally, install Broadcaster in a different directory than the default one.

XSPlit Brodacaster Choose Directory

Tick the boxes to create a Start Menu option and Desktop icon, and click Next.

XSPlit Brodacaster Choose Icons

After the installer finishes, XSplit Broadcaster is almost ready to use.

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Step 3: Create an XSplit Account

To use XSplit Broadcaster, you need an XSplit account. Create one by navigating to the Dashboard section of the XSplit website. You can also sign in with your account on:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • Twitter

Once you sign in, you are greeted with the Dashboard page. Use the Dashboard to upgrade to the Premium version of Broadcaster, download other XSplit products, or sign up for the XSplit Affiliate Program.

XSPlit Account Dashboard

Step 4: Run XSplit Broadcaster

Run XSplit Broadcaster using the Start Menu option or desktop shortcut. After launching the app, you are greeted with XSplit’s login screen.

XSPlit Brodacaster Login Screen

Log into your account and proceed to the main screen.

XSPlit Brodacaster Main Menu

Congratulations, you can now sign up for Glimpse and start your first livestream!


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced streamer, XSplit Broadcaster offers everything you need to start your own livestream. Try the Free version first, and upgrade once you’re comfortable with the UI, or you want to unlock one of the Premium features. Happy streaming!

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