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How To Change Gather Rate In Rust

How to Change Gather Rate in Rust

Resource gathering is a core component of Rust's gameplay. The default resource gather rate is set to provide a challenging multiplayer experience. But some Rust server admins might wish to tinker with these values to better suit the tastes of…

February 10, 2022
What Is Hsl Protocol Explained

What Is HLS? – HLS Streaming Protocol Explained

If you want to enter the livestreaming industry as a content creator, a little bit of technical know-how about how it all works can go a long way. This includes knowledge about the background processes and technologies that makes livestreaming…

February 9, 2022
Rust Kits Server Plugin Guide

Rust Kits Server Plugin Guide

The Rust Kits uMod plugin grants Rust server admins the ability to give players custom item packages called kits. This is a great way to customize your modded Rust server, which is why Rust Kits is one of the most…

February 3, 2022
Xsplit Broadcaster Vs Gamecaster Comparison

XSplit Broadcaster Vs. Gamecaster: An In-Depth Comparison

XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster are two of the most popular live streaming software on Windows 10. They were part of the same brand before the team behind XSplit Gamecaster went independent and started offering Gamecaster as a separate product. We…

February 2, 2022
Multi-camera Livestreaming Setup Guide

Multi-Camera Live Streaming Setup Guide

High production values are the hallmark of a satisfying livestreaming experience. And one of the most straightforward ways to upgrade your livestream is by using a multi-camera livestreaming setup. This gives you multiple camera angles to work with during livestreams,…

January 27, 2022
Best Content Monetization Platforms

Top Content Monetization Platforms

It's now easier than ever to make money by creating content thanks to content monetization platforms. Whether you write blog posts, record videos and podcasts, produce teaching materials, or do livestreaming, there's a platform you can use to monetize your…

January 13, 2022
Rust Backpack Mod Guide

Rust Backpacks Mod Guide

Inventory space is extremely valuable in games of crafting and survival such as Rust. More inventory space means more room for food, ammo, and crafting materials, all of which are essential for survival. Many players feel that the default inventory…

January 12, 2022
What Is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming And How Does It Work

What Is Adaptive Bitrate Streaming & How Does It Work?

Adaptive bitrate streaming is a method used by internet broadcasters to provide a seamless streaming experience. If you've ever watched a livestream where image quality shifts between different resolutions and bitrates depending on the quality of your connection, you’ve witnessed…

January 6, 2022
Rust Teleport Command And How To Use It

Rust Teleport Command & How to Use It

The teleportation command is one of the most useful troubleshooting tools Rust server admins have at their disposal. The command has one simple function: instantly move an entity from one location to another within the game world. This allows admins…

December 30, 2021
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