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Best Rust Streamers To Follow

Best Rust Streamers to Follow

Even though it’s a relative newcomer to the survival gaming scene, Rust has already attracted its fair share of streamers. There are three things that make Rust appealing to streamers:

  • Exciting, fast-paced gameplay where things can go horribly and hilariously wrong in the blink of an eye.
  • Plenty of roleplaying opportunities: start your own post-apocalyptic society with unique laws and customs (bazooka duels anyone?).
  • Support for player-hosted dedicated servers with full modding support.

If you want to start streaming Rust yourself and are looking for some inspiration, here are some of the best-known names from Rust’s growing livestreaming scene.

1. Myth

rust streamer myth

Started streaming: Dec 27, 2015

Number of followers: 7,363,037

Myth was already an established live streamer before he started playing Rust. He played Fortnite for Team Solo Mid, even becoming team captain at one point. Myth is a terrifying opponent in Rust PvP. He loves participating in raids, where his FPS skills can really come to the fore. His favorite weapon is the assault rifle, which he uses with deadly efficiency.

2. spoonkid

rust streamer spoonkid

Started streaming: Mar 13, 2020

Number of followers: 325,777

Spoonkid started streaming at the tender age of 18, and he quickly gained followers thanks to his effort and dedication. Although he is better known as a Minecraft streamer these days, spoonkid’s claim to fame was Rust. He streams Rust every other day, often taking self-imposed challenges like playing the game underwater to make his stream more exciting for viewers.

3. TimTheTatman

rust streamer timthetatman

Started streaming: Oct 8, 2012

Number of followers: 7,015,574

TimTheTatman belong to an older generation of game streamers. He rose to prominence as World of Warcraft player, and later moved on to Fortnite. Lately he’s been streaming Rust with increased frequency, using his skills and experience in MMO games to quickly rise to the top. TimTheTatman is equally proficient in survival, crafting, and PvP, the three pillars of Rust multiplayer. He loves building base defense systems in Rust, making him an extremely tough opponent.

4. iRiskpvp

rust streamer iriskpvp

Started streaming: Dec 10, 2012

Number of followers: 199,421

iRiskpvp is a Rust streamer focused on PvP content (hence the name). He is an established name on Rust’s streaming scene with a dedicated following. iRiskpvp loves to engage in PvP combat when the odds don’t favor him as this allows him to showcase his survival skills. He often uses traps and misdirection to lure enemies into an unfavorable situation, only to pick them off one by one.

5. Ray__C

rust streamer ray__c

Started streaming: Nov 16, 2015

Number of followers: 410,342

Ray__C is a multi-talented game streamer who plays CS:Go, Arma 3, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and lately Rust. He hosts his own Rust server and Discord channel and has managed to gather quite a large following. Ray__C streams almost daily, and loves playing pranks on other players, including his teammates.

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6. Shroud

rust streamer shroud

Started streaming: Nov 3, 2012

Number of followers: 9,837,739

Shroud is a streaming legend. His streaming career took off thanks to his skill in high-level tournament play, which eventually earned him a spot on Cloud9’s team. Shroud is a master of the FPS genre, and recently he started including Rust in his daily streaming schedule. Whenever Shroud plays, trouble soon follows. He has a knack for getting into trouble, often causing server-wide shenanigans.

7. CoconutB

rust streamer coconutb

Started streaming: Feb 8, 2014

Number of followers: 361,950

CoconutB is one of the most consistent, dedicated Rust streamers around. He streams upwards of 6 hours each day, often spending more time with his online followers than his family. CoconutB has complete mastery of the game, and he takes great pride in showcasing his skills during raids and other PvP events. Some people say he never turns off the game, and as far as rumors go, this one is not that hard to believe.

8. xQc

rust streamer xqc

Started streaming: Sep 13, 2014

Number of followers: 9,583,029

XQc is a household name in the world of livestreaming. He skyrocketed to popularity as an Overwatch streamer, but he soon branched out to other games, including Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, and Rust. XQc loves playing the bad guy, and he will often issue PvP challenges to other players on a given server. He almost always wins.

9. Posty

rust streamer posty

Started streaming: Sep 25, 2016

Number of followers: 348,003

Little is known about Posty apart from his Rust content. He managed to build quite a following by streaming every day. During one of his streams, Posty received a generous tip of $1600, only to find out that the last two zeroes were a mistype. He promptly returned the tip, earning him plenty of goodwill in Rust’s streaming community.

10. hJune

rust streamer hjune

Started streaming: Apr 6, 2016

Number of followers: 476,834

HJune is a popular Rust streamer who frequently plays with other big names such as Shroud and Posty. His dedication to Rust streaming is unmatched – he’s been known to do 24-hour streams. His love for Rust is so great that he ran his own tournament called Trust in Rust, with all the profits going to the Rise Above the Disorder charity.

11. BaboAbe

rust streamer baboabe

Started streaming: Oct 22, 2020

Number of followers: 268,620

A relative newcomer to Rust streaming, BaboAbe is better known as the host of two popular Rust servers, both focused on roleplaying. He is a member of the OfflineTV streaming crew, and often participates in their shows. He streams Rust daily and loves interacting with fans over chat.


That concludes our list of 11 best Rust live streamers. If you want to join their ranks, you can join their Rust servers and start building your reputation as a Rust player. Alternatively, you can start a Rust server yourself and become a part of Rust’s online community.

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