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Start Farming In 7 Days To Die

How to Farm in 7 Days to Die

Farming is an essential skill for surviving in 7 Days to Die. It gives players renewable resources from trees and plants. Players can harvest trees and plants to gather food items, building blocks, and additional farming resources.

Here is all you need to know to start farming in 7D2D.

7 Days to Die Farming Basics

Farming in 7D2D, requires an understanding of the basic mechanics of farming. They are not very complex.


There are two ways to farm in 7D2D:

  • Plant farming. Plant farming involves growing plants from seeds on farm plots (special building blocks used for farming) and harvesting them for food items and additional seeds.
  • Tree farming. Tree farming involves planting tree seeds on open ground and harvesting them for wood and additional seeds once they mature.

In both cases, players need an initial seed to start the farming process. Seeds can be looted from plants or purchased from traders. They can also be crafted with the Living Off the Land perk, as shown below:

1Harvest two items from crops. Craft flower and decorative plant seeds (aloe, chrysanthemum, goldenrod, yucca). Farm plots cost 30% less to craft.Fortitude: 1
2Craft berry and vegetable seeds. Farm plots cost 50% less to craft.Fortitude: 3
3Harvest three items from crops.Fortitude: 5


Plants need natural light to grow. There are two options: grow plants outside, or grow them in rooms with access to natural light.

Access to light indoors is determined by the opacity of the blocks enclosing the room. Opacity ranges from 0 to 15, with 0 as completely opaque, and 15 as fully transparent. For example, bulletproof glass has an opacity of 14, so it will let through more than enough light for farming indoors.

Growth Cycle

The growth process is similar for plants and trees.

Plants start as seedlings. Then they enter a growing phase. Finally, they become mature plants.

Plants only bear fruit in the mature phase. Harvesting them while they’re still seedlings or growing, will only yield a seed.

Trees start off as saplings. Then, they grow until reaching their maximum size. Attempting to harvest saplings will produce only a handful of grass.


Harvesting is the easiest part of the farming process.

You can harvest trees with your bare hands. But, ideally, use an axe.

Chopping a mature tree yields 150x Wood. Harvested trees will also drop two seeds.

Harvest plants by left-clicking on a mature plant. Players get one item per harvest unless they have the Living Off the Land perk.

After the harvest, plants grown in farm plots will automatically revert to their seedling phase to restart the growth process. Plants harvested in the wild are simply destroyed after harvesting.

7 Days to Die Seeds

Here are the tables containing every plant and tree you can grow in 7D2D.

Plant TypeTime to Harvest (in minutes)
Super Corn180
Tree TypeTime to Harvest (in minutes)
Blue Spruce Tree120
Pine Tree120
Oak Tree120

Farming in 7 Days to Die: Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you understand the basics of farming, let’s walk through one full farming cycle. We’ll use plants in this example.

1. Unlock Living Off the Land (Optional)

Unlocking this perk is optional, but it makes farming much more efficient. Even a single level will double your farming output.

2. Craft and Place a Farm Plot

To craft a farm plot, open the inventory and click Craft. You will need:

  • 8x Wood
  • 10x Rotting Flesh
  • 5x Nitrate Powder
  • 25x Clay Soil

Place the farm plot anywhere. Consider the light conditions if placing it indoors.

farm plot 7 days to die

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3. Craft or Gather Seeds

Obtain a seed by harvesting an existing plant, buying one from a merchant, or crafting one if you have the Living Off the Land perk.

4. Plant Seeds in the Farm Plot

Place the seed in the toolbar. Select it, then right-click on a farm plot.

seedling plant 7 days to die

5. Wait for the Plant to Mature

It takes approximately 120 minutes in real-time for a plant to reach maturity.

mature plant 7 days to die

6. Harvest the Plant

Harvest the plant by left-clicking on it.

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Congratulations, you’re now a certified 7 Days to Die farmer!

Farming is a mechanic worth exploring, whether you’re in it for immediate gains or you simply enjoy taking a breather after a day of slaying zombies.

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