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7 Days to Die Zombie Types

Despite its focus on survival and crafting mechanics, 7 Days to Die is a zombie game at heart. However, these zombies are nothing like your low-budget horror flicks of yesteryear. These atrocities are far more dangerous and come in a variety of grisly forms.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of undead is essential for surviving in 7 Days to Die. Read on to learn more about all the zombies you can encounter during the game.

7 Days to Die Zombies Types

7 days to die zombies

Zombies in 7 Days to Die are divided into four types:

  1. Normal zombies
  2. Tough zombies
  3. Special infected
  4. Animal zombies

Each type has distinct subtypes, represented by a unique model in the game. Sub-types usually share stats like health, damage, and resistance. The only exception is the Special infected group, as each subtype has its own unique abilities.

All zombies have a chance to spawn as radiated, feral, or both. Radiated zombies have an eerie green glow, more health, hit harder, and regenerate when damaged. Feral zombies have glowing orange eyes, more health, and always run when chasing players.

1. Normal Zombies

Normal zombies are the ones you encounter most often while exploring. You can usually kill them with basic weapons, but they can be challenging to defeat in packs, or close quarters inside buildings.

Here is a list of all Normal zombies as of version A19:

  • Departed Women
  • Festering Corpses
  • Infected Mothers
  • Infected Survivors
  • Motivated Cheerleader Zombies
  • Plagued Nurses
  • Putrid Girls
  • Rotting Carcasses
  • Reanimated Corpses
  • Risen Woman Zombies
  • Skater Punk Zombies
  • Walker Male Zombies
  • Zombie Cowboys
  • Zombie Farmers
  • Zombie Janitors
  • Zombie Strippers
7 days to die normal zombies
Normal zombies

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2. Tough Zombies

Tough zombies spawn in fewer numbers than Normal zombies, but you still encounter them regularly. They have increased health, damage, and resistance. Tough zombies are more dangerous to deal with than Normal zombies, especially if they spawn as feral or radiated.

The list of all Tough zombies as of version A19 includes:

  • Bloated Walkers
  • Fat Hawaiians
  • Fallen Soldier Zombies
  • Frozen Lumberjacks
  • Hazmat Male Zombies
  • Hungry Female Zombies
  • Utility Worker Zombies
  • Zombie Bikers
7 days to die tough zombies
Tough zombies

3. Special Infected

Special Infected are zombies with unique abilities. They are most likely to spawn during blood moon horde events, which occur every seven days. Special Infected are extremely dangerous. Their abilities can easily kill players, so don’t engage them without preparation.

Here is a list of all Special Infected as of version A19, along with their special abilities:

  • Burn Victims can set you on fire with their attacks and through contact damage. They often spawn in the burnt forest.
  • Crawler Zombies crawl along the ground. They are immune to the sun, and they often lie in ambush, waiting for unsuspecting players.
  • Demolishers are tough, hard-hitting zombies with explosives strapped to their chests. They are incredibly hard to kill – shooting the C4 strapped to their bodies is the only reliable way of killing them.
  • Feral Wights are tough zombies that always spawn with the feral modifier in cities, caves, and during blood moon events. What’s more, they can also be called in by screamers. They give the most amount of XP of all zombies and drop the best loot.
  • Infected Police Officers have a lot of health. They can attack at range with a deadly acid vomit attack, which can also destroy blocks. Once their health gets too low, they attempt a suicide-bomb attack, after which they don’t drop any loot.
  • Screamer Zombies let out a blood-curdling scream after they spot you. The scream attracts zombie hordes nearby, which can contain other Special Infected zombies. This makes screamers extremely dangerous. Screamers spawn based on the amount of player activity in the area (lighting campfires, cutting trees, mining, etc.).
  • Spider Zombies run on all-fours and assault from a distance with a stunning web attack. They move much faster and more unpredictably at night and can even jump towards the player. The best way to dispatch them is with melee weapons.
  • Team Z Player Football Zombies are fierce opponents in melee combat. They back up from the player before charging full speed for a tackle attack.
7 days to die screamer

4. Animal Zombies

In addition to regular animals, 7 Days to Die also spawns a range of undead beasts. You can loot them for rotting flesh, a key crafting ingredient for farming.

Here is a list of all Animal zombies as of version A19:

  • Zombie Bears do more damage and have more hp than regular bears. They can be summoned by screamers.
  • Zombie Dogs are fast, and they are not affected by sunlight. They spawn in packs and are sometimes pallet-swapped into zombie wolves.
  • Zombie Vultures make hit-and-run attacks from above.
7 days to die zombie bear
Zombie bear

How To Kill 7 Days to Die Zombies?

Figuring out how to kill zombies is the main appeal of the 7 Days to Die. We offer a few 7 Days to Die tips to keep in mind when engaging with zombies:

  1. Always shoot the zombies’ head. Headshots deal more damage than regular attacks, so you will dispatch zombies quicker. Is also helps you save ammo.
  2. Never stand still in combat. Instead, reposition yourself after every attack, moving backward while facing the zombies.
  3. Abuse choke points. Try to lead zombies into narrow spaces like doorways and corridors. This will help you with crowd control, and it will make it easier to line up headshots.
  4. Use traps. Traps are a cheap, effective source of damage and crowd control. They are beneficial against horde attacks.
  5. Sneak instead of fighting. 7 Days to Die has a stealth mechanic based on noise and line of sight. Use it to avoid unnecessary fights and to perform stealth attacks for double damage.


That covers all of the zombies you can encounter in the base version of 7 Days to Die. If you want even more zombies in the game, you can check out 7 Days to Die mods, which often add custom zombies and modify existing ones.

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