Can I sell physical goods in “My Store”?

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As a content creator, you may not always need a sponsor to earn money from your digital creations. You may choose to sell some or all of your content directly for a one-time charge.  The “My Store” feature allows you to increase your revenue by selling any type of content – images, videos, or files.

You can’t sell physical goods in your Store because we don’t collect shipping information from users. However, if you do have physical goods that you’d like to sell with Glimpse like a physical painting, you would be responsible for managing the entire process and taking care of any shipping or other fees.

Follow the instructions below to learn how you can sell physical goods using Glimpse.

Step 1: Add the image of the physical item to your Store.

Step 2: When someone purchases your merchandise, send the buyer a “Private Message” on Glimpse to collect their shipping information and other details.

Step 3: Send the merchandise to the buyer and provide them with a tracking number.