What are Glimpse tokens and how do they work?

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Glimpse.me uses a tokenization system to make payments more simple and secure. To view content that has been locked behind a Sponsorship Level,  you need to purchase tokens from Glimpse.me.

You can purchase tokens for real currency. When purchasing tokens, a small fee is added based on the number of tokens you purchase in a single transaction. When exchanging tokens for real currency, you get the full amount — USD 1 for one token.

How do Glimpse tokens work?

Purchased tokens cannot be transferred to other users. If you plan to use Glimpse as both a content creator and sponsor, the tokens you receive from other users cannot be used to unlock other users’ content. Only tokens that you’ve purchased can be used for paying to view exclusive content that’s locked behind a Sponsorship Level.

The tokens you’ve purchased don’t have an exploration limit. You can spend them whenever you’d like.

Exchanging tokens for real currency

Content creators who’ve earned tokens from fans and sponsors can exchange their tokens for real currency at any time. Content creators have complete control or how and when they want to cash out their tokens.

Glimpse doesn’t charge content creators any fees.

For example, if you earned 100 tokens, you’ll be able to exchange 100 tokens for real currency. Given that each token is worth USD 1, you’ll receive $100 for 100 tokens.

How to use purchased tokens on Glimpse.me

You can spend your purchased tokens on Glimpse.me in several ways:

1. Sponsor other content creators, incurring a monthly fee.

2. Send tips to other content creators

3. Purchase content from a creator’s store for a one time charge.

4. Purchase video call time slots for one-on-one interactions with content creators.